Need a rum delivery? Wray&Nephews Over proof white Rum is one of the strongest rum in the business! A couple swigs of this rum and you'll forget you even got your late night alcohol delivery from yourtwenty4!


The history of J.wray and nephews rum began in 1825 when company founder John Wray opened the Shakespeare Tavern in kingston Jamaica. In 1860 Wray brought in his nephew Charles James Ward to the run the business side of the Company. Wray died in 1870 leaving Ward as the sole profiteer of the business. Ward developed the rum business into one of Jamaica's largest commercial rum enterprises and became a company that would now enjoy international success. 


At the international exhibition held in London J.Wray and nephew won 3 gold medals for its 15-25 year old Rums! Now thats the kind of rum you want us to deliver to the door of a party!


J.Wray and Nephew is described as mildly fruity. Notes of molasses with spice. the palate is described as fruity and there are notes of banana and Demerara as well as spice and a little oak, the finish is long and spiced.


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Wray & Nephews Over Proof White Rum

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  • Type Spirits
    ABV 63%
    Units 44.1