Johan Jacob Schweppe founded the Schweppes Company in Geneva in 1783 to originally sell carbonated water. Jacob Schweppe, who was the first person to discover this was also the first to discover carbonated water could be stored in bottles and from here began to expand his empire. In 1792, he moved to London to further expand and by 1969, the Schweppes Company merged with Cadbury to become Cadbury Schweppes. After many successful years as a Giant in the soft drinks industry, the company was split in 2008, with its US soft drinks unit becoming owned by Keurig Dr Pepper. He went on to establish the  the most popular brand of lemonade today in 1835, Schweppes Lemonade. 


Schweppes Lemonade is a sparkling drink flavoured with lemon juice that compliments near enough any spirit wonderfully. It is the quintessential summer drink. Fresh, quenching, and above all, so sweet and tart. Lemonade is the perfect counterpart to a wide variety of alcohol, offering a vibrant delicate touch to any beverage! To get the best out of your alcohol, the mixer you use is essential! Thats why our 24 hour off licence delivery service takes pride in offering you an extensive range of soft drinks to go with whatever alcohol you may choose for delivery. Our alcohol delivery service has a wide selection of soft drinks so be sure to look through to see which mixer compliments your alcohol choice best. We have all the favourite soft drinks you would find in your nearest corner shop, but instead our 24 hour off licence delivery service will bring alcohol and mixers straight to you! So no more typing alcohol delivery near me.. Because Yourtwenty4 is the store that delivers to your door! Schweppes offers a bespoke luxurious type of lemonade so be assured you are ordering a quality lemonade from our 24 hour off licence delivery service!

Schweppes Lemonade