Russian standard vodka is a premium vodka that we are proud to offer as part or our 24 hour alcohol delivery service. Russian standard was introduced in 1998 by the Russian standard company of Roustam Tariko. The Russian standard later called Original, vodka established the brand as one of the top premium vodka brands in the Russian market. 


Russian standard vodka created a new Russian, Soviet-free identity, and this proved an advantage in the rapidly developing vodka market of the 1990s Russia. Two years after a successful Russian market launch, in 2001 the luxury brand 'Russian standard vodka' became the world wide success we know it as today. 


Russian standard is distilled 4 times and consists of winter grain from Russian steppes that are milled, fermented and blended with water from Lake Ladoga which is what separates Russian standard vodka from other vodka.


Russian Standard has a smooth yet sweet & creamy  taste which separates it from its competitors. Vodka experts argue that Russian Standard is largely a mixer but it stands up nicely on its own, particularly if you toss the bottle in the freezer.


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Russian Standard Vodka 700ml/70cl

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    ABV 38%
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