Marlboro is an American brand of cigarettes that is owned and manufactured by Philip Morris. They have been the global best-selling cigarette brand since 1972. As of 2017, Marlboro managed to obtain 40% market share in the United States which is more than the next 7 competing brands combined!


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Marlboro also produces a cigarette flavoured with menthol known as the Marlboro menthol or Marlboro green. This variation offers a full tasting menthol experience with its potent, smooth minty flavouring. It is a favourite for any smoker who prefers a minty variation, so if this is the case for you we are sure Marlboro menthol will not disappoint. It possesses an overwhelming minty sensation that is packed into every pull you take! Wherever you may be, its always possible to run out of cigarettes! and its just the worst thing as any cigarette smoker knows. Worst of all when its late and your nearest off licence isnt open right? Well we can deliver cigarettes whenever you need them so don't hesitate to give our 24 hour cigarette delivery line a call, and let us help those darn cravings! 

Marlboro Menthol