Hendricks gin is the premium option of gin that we offer with our 24 hour off licence delivery service. For those who require a sharp, sophisticated gin, Hendricks is perfect and has never failed to impress the classiest of gin connoisseurs!

Hendricks Gin was founded in 1999 and was produced by a company called William grant &sons at the Girvan distillery in Scotland. The silky gins blend however,  was invented by a women named Lesley grace, a Native who was hired by William Grant & sons. A decade later she was tasked with creating a new premium gin, Lesley then crafted a gin using Bulgarian Rose and cucumber to bring forth the Renowned Premium Gin Hendricks. I mean, just the price alone in your nearest off licence should tell you just how premium Hendricks gin really is!


Hendricks gin is famous for its cucumber and rose petal infusion offering a complete different taste to the world of gin. You can also pick up a hint of citrus with fresh floral, aromatic notes along with a silky smooth texture.


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Hendricks Gin 700ml/70cl

£40.00 Regular Price
£35.25Sale Price
  • Type Spirits
    ABV 41.4%
    Units 29