E&J Brandy is a household name in the world of brandy. It goes stupendously well with a good old fashioned coke but could still be described as an acquired taste by some. It is still a popular choice when it comes to brandy and will always be on a shelf In your nearest off licence!


The history of E&J brandy details Two brothers who started a winery in 1933 following the repeal of Prohibition after years of growing and selling grapes. Ernest and Julio were competing against, larger more established companies. They later developed the famous brandy that we all have come to know and love E&J Brandy. Described as sweet and light with an oak undertone this brandy goes well with a few of our many soft drinks available with our 24 hour off licence dliiv very service.


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E&J Brandy 700ml/70cl

£30.00 Regular Price
£24.50Sale Price
  • Type Spirits
    ABV 40%
    Units 28