Corona is a premium beer that is classic, authentic and established worldwide for its high quality, distinctive taste. Corona is an iconic beer that embodies tranquility and is best served ice cold with a wedge of lime, that both complements and intensifies the already unique flavour of corona. Corona has an aroma that is fruity with a touch of malt and is a top beer seller with our alcohol delivery service. 


Corona has been brewed and bottled in Mexico since 1925 and is on of the highest selling beers worldwide. Corona was produced by Grupo Modelo, which has always been the largest brewery in Mexico. The Corona founder, Antonino Fernandez, who was born in the Spanish village of Cerezales del Condado in 1917, emigrated to Mexico to make his fortune but clearly hasn’t forgotten his roots as he reportedly made his entire home village millionaires in his will. The Corona drinks mogul left the 80 residents of his home village $2.5 million each. Now Corona must be making some serious money!

Corona's superior taste profile is due to the fact that corona brewers take great care to use only the best ingredients available, made with the finest quality blend of filtered water, malted barley, hops, corn and yeast. 

Corona Premium Beer 330ml