Barefoot wine offers a variant of Rose called White Zinfandel, which is a pretty popular type amongst Rose. Known for its bold embodiment of fruit, it is easy to get carried away drinking this sweet tasting elixir and forget that it is wine! Rose wine is a popular choice with our wine delivery service and believe this to be mainly down to how well known it is.


Barefoot Wine is a brand of wine produced by Barefoot Cellars which is based in Modesto, California. The winery was bought by E & J Gallo Winery in 2005. Barefoot Wine was introduced in 1986 by Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey. Barefoot wine is known throughout Europe and is acknowledged as one of the best brands for standard wine, hence why it is now the worlds largest selling wine brand. 


This crisp California pink is a regular award-winner at international wine contests and it's not hard to see why. With divine tastes of lush pineapples, ripe peaches, and juicy strawberries, it's as crisp as a fresh-picked apple. It goes down well with summer fruits, chicken, sea food and cheeses, but is great gulped down in a big glass on its own - especially with friends. Chill it for an hour two in the fridge to keep its Californian crispness.

Barefoot White Zinfandel Rose Wine