Rum is a tradtional spirit that has been around for centries so we thought we would bring something different for all our rum enthusiast who order with our 24 hour alcohol delivery service. .Rum has been one of a hard drinkers favourite drink for centuries,
Bacardi superior rum may just be one of the most established of its time.


Superior Bacardi is the largest privately held, family owned spirits company in the world. Bacardi Ginger is an addition to their renowned Legacy and with this sort of credibility, we had to include Bacardi's Ginger flavoured rum in our late night alcohol delivery service... I mean, it was only right!


Bacardí ginger is expertly crafted by Bacardí with intense flavours to create the most refreshing cocktails. Mix with cola, lemonade or your preferred soft drink. its known for its Expertly infused  authentic flavour and Rich intense taste. Bacardi ginger is described as having a sweet and spicy taste.





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Bacardi Ginger 700ml/70cl

£30.00 Regular Price
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  • Type Spirits
    ABV 32%
    Units 22