Benson & Hedges was founded in London in 1873 by Richard Benson and William Hedges but was bought by Philip Morris in 1958. Benson & Hedges are one of the iconic brands of England and at one point were the chosen cigarette of the royal family.B&H duals are a cigarette that boasts ultimate minty sensation at the click of your fingertips. Our 24 hour off licence dleivery service is able to provide a late night cigarette dlievery near you, when your nearest corner shop isnt open.


Did someone say 24 hour cigarette delivery?! The cigarette boasts a Clear white filter , blue ball indicating where to click when you want to change the taste just says B&H dual nice cig design. You can choose to not click and enjoy a basic tobacco taste or choose to click for a full menthol sensation. Wherever you may be, its always possible to run out of cigarettes! and its just the worst thing as any cigarette smoker knows. Worst of all when its late and your nearest off licence is shut right? Well we can deliver cigarettes whenever you need them so don't hesitate to give our cigarette delivery line a call, and let us help those darn cravings!

B&H Duals