Sambuca is the perfect party drink as it is often associated with shots culture of drinking. Antica Sambuca is the number 2 brand among Sambuca worldwide and a genuine Italian original from the Rossi D’Asiago distillery. The Rossi D’Asiago distillery is an Italian family enterprise located between Venice and the Dolomites. 


The origin of the Sambuca company dates back to 1868, and the company has been particularly characterised in recent years by the innovative and contemporary owner Francesco del Toso. The mission of the family enterprise was the renewal of the “old” category Sambuca and the transition into a new era as well as addressing a younger target group.


Today Antica Sambuca stands out from the masses with a classy, modern and eye-catching bottle design. The innovative Pro-Pour pourer in every bottle, which also makes it possible to pour like a bar professional at home, is also as unique as the bottle.


Antica Sambuca consist of natural and selected ingredients such as star anise, herbs and spices, make Antica Sambuca the most-awarded Sambuca of recent years. Antica Sambuca has a very sweet clean rich aniseed strong liquorice and black pepper spice undertone.  


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Antica Sambuca 700ml/70cl

  • Type Liqueur
    ABV 38%
    Units 27