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Hennessy brandy 700ml/70 cl

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Hennessy brandy is another much beloved brandy of its time and is very precious to our 24 hour alcohol delivery service as it is only 1 of 3 brandies we have available. Just like your nearest off licence, it was a must have for our shop regardless of our limited brandy selection. The name Hennessy alone can justify its place on any menu and we are glad to be able to offer this to our customers who need an alcohol delivery. 

The story of Hennessy brandy begins with Richard and James Hennessy who's alcohol venture began with trading in 1757 Flanders. Partnerships were then established with Connelly and Arthur with lead to the trading of cognac. Due to a 7 year was there was a heavy shortage in alcohol yet an insanely high demand. Hennessy took advantage of this and expanded his customer base by shipping the product from Cognac to London, Dublin and Flanders. 

Hennessy has a bold opening with a strong smelling nutty and woody fragrance, with its floral notes and warm palate, it is bold with out being overpowering.  

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