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Camel Blue

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Camel Blue Cigarettes are filtered luxury cigarettes. They are a light version of camel cigarettes and are considered to be the best tasting by the majority of consumers. The cigarettes are long-burning so smokers will never feel like they are rushing through their smoke and can enjoy every pull knowing it will last. Better yet, if left unattended, the cigarette stops burning on its own.

Did someone say 24 hour cigarette delivery?! 

Inventor Reynolds got on by creating a flavour especially appealing to smokers with oriental taste. this lead to the production of the camel cigarette, named camel because of the Turkish paper used to imitate the of then-fashionable Egyptian cigarettes. Within a year, he had sold-out 425 million packs of Camels cigarettes. Wherever you may be, its always possible to run out of cigarettes! and its just the worst thing as any cigarette smoker knows. Worst of all when its late and your nearest off licence is shut right? Well we can deliver cigarettes whenever you need them so don't hesitate to give our 24 hour cigarette delivery line a call, and let us help those darn cravings! 

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